Chiropractic Testimonials

"I first came to see Dr. JJ in the summer of 2003 to seek relief for the severe pain in my right knee, upper leg and foot. I had been suffering from pain in my knee for most of the year, sometimes so bad that I was very limited in driving because my knee hurt so bad when I stepped on the brakes. I visibly limped when I walked because I did not want to put much pressure on my right leg and was taking Advil every day. I had previously been treated by a doctor at an emergency care facility and by my family physician, both of whom prescribed drugs for the pain. My boss recommended tat I go see an orthopedist. I did so and, after reviewing my X-rays, the orthopedist told me that the problem was in my back, not my knee, and recommended that I have it “looked at.

My husband had previously been treated by Dr. JJ on the recommendation of my niece, so I called and made an initial appointment. At this appointment x-rays of my spine were taken and I was shown a video on spinal problems. After Dr. JJ reviewed my x-rays and records, I went back for my first adjustment with him. He was so kind and caring and talked to me about my sciatic nerve, the fist time the term was ever mentioned to me by anyone in the medical profession. He explained that the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in my body, starting at my spine and going all the way down into my foot and that the pain was caused by the nerve being pinched by my spinal column. He adjusted my lower back that day and I went back for more adjustments, first every week, then every two weeks and by the end of two months, the pain in my back and leg being pretty much pain free. I noticed that I slept much better at night, it was easier for me to pick up my grandchildren and I could go up and down steps in a normal fashion. The staff member are very nice and I enjoy reading the Christian articles in the waiting room. I plan on keeping up my monthly adjustments so I can continue to live pain-free without prescription drugs."

- M.K.

“Me go to a Chiropractor? No way…NEVER!” This was my standard reply to my daughter who, after seeing me in as much pain as I was in, repeatedly tried to get me to go.

I am 77 years old and began having problems with my back after I wallpapered many rooms in our new home. I went to my M.D, Orthopedist, and Neurosurgeon. They all agreed that I had herniated two discs. Surgery was not an option at that point in time so physical therapy and exercise were recommended along with pain medications. I did not get any better, in fact, I got worse!

Finally, after a year, I relented and went to see Dr. Meyer, but only because he was a Christian.

I have been seeing him off and on for six years. The results have been miraculous! I have had more energy, much less frequent pain, and a more positive outlook on life. My greatest benefit is being able to be more active. I can even play ball with my twelve grandchildren.

I cannot thank Dr. Meyer enough for all he’s done and my daughter for taking the step to get me there."

- J.G.

"Our family has used chiropractic care for many years. Each one of our children was adjusted for the first time within a couple of days after their birth. Chiropractic care has helped with many ailments and injuries. We find it is so much better to try and tackle a problem naturally before having to use drugs. We appreciate the fact that chiropractic cae seems to take into consideration the whole body and the whole picture including nutrition, as many problems really cannot be fixed unless a lifestyle change is made. Trying to get at the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

We’ve been to many chiropractors over the years, but we especially appreciate Dr. Aaron’s knowledge of muscle testing and the use of supplements. Our son Grant was struggling with allergies (or so we thought) for a few years – we had him muscle tested and found out he didn’t test weak for allergies – his immune system was weak. We put him on the multi-immune supplement for 30 days and he hasn’t had a problem since. Kayla was having some chronic headaches – she was tested and was put on the “total brain” supplement – within a few minutes of taking the first tablet, her headache was gone. She took the supplement for a month and doesn’t have the problem with headaches anymore.

Steve took the saliva test as he had been feeling very fatigued and suspected something was out of line with his hormones. He has been taking the prescribed supplements and feels so much better. Dr. Aaron helped us through basketball season this year -treating many sprained ankles – the laser treatments really seemed to help the pain and healing process.

Karen recently did the liver de-tox and that has helped with some of the chronic pain that she had been experiencing. Karen has also tried the detox footbaths and they really do seem to cause your body to detox and feel better. Hudson and Clayton were both treated for parasites using the “zapper” machine. We noticed a great improvement in their energy levels and overall health.

We would and have highly recommended Integrated Medicine of Iowa to many people."

- K.W.

"I first came to Integrated Medicine of Iowa for neck pain and periodic low back pain. My symptoms first started five or six years ago. I found Dr. Aaron at Integrated Medicine of Iowa and my neck and lower back have been better ever since. After regular adjustments my neck feels great and my minor lower back problems have gone away too. By addressing neck and lower back issues, I have been able to increase my flexibility and strength too. By getting monthly maintenance treatments, I have been able to increase my running, culminating in completing the Chicago Marathon last October!! Thanks Dr. Meyer and Integrated Medicine of Iowa for all your help."

- M.Z.

"In 1980 my back “went out” after doing a simple task of picking up and moving my boots. I had to crawl to the couch. How could this happen I thought? Maybe it was all the years of sports injuries catching up. Until that time I could do anything!

A couple of my employees at Wilson foods had back surgeries and other went to their Chiropractor. The people who went to their Chiropractor seemed to get back to work quickly or did not miss work at all and had fewer lingering problems.

Without hesitation, I chose Integrated Medicine of Iowa and Dr. JJ for my Chiropractic care. It took some time but I really learned that regular adjustments are the best policy. I rarely take pain medication, I just get adjusted! I do not have insurance that cover chiropractic, but I do not mind paying the very reasonably priced cash price because I feel better after each visit.

I can function at my regular activities (within limits) of tending to our 4.5 acres, golf, bowling, car racing and keeping up with our grandchildren. Drs. JJ & Aaron are not only great Chiropractors, but they and their staff are great people."

- D.R.


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