Meet Dr. Stephanie at Integrated Medicine of Iowa in Cedar Rapids IA

Meet Dr. Stephanie at Integrated Medicine of Iowa in Cedar Rapids IA

Meet Dr. Stephanie at Integrated Medicine of Iowa in Cedar Rapids

Hello! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Stephanie and I'm a new chiropractor in Cedar Rapids IA with Integrated Medicine of Iowa. I grew up in eastern Iowa, in DeWitt, and currently live there with my family.

About Our Newest Cedar Rapids IA Chiropractor

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in October 2011. After being out of state since then, I feel blessed to be back in Iowa closer to my family and to be working with such a good group of Christian people here at Integrated Medicine of Iowa. My faith is very important to me and I'm glad to be working in a place where it's as important to everyone working here as it is to me.

My journey into chiropractic began when I was doing undergraduate work at Concordia University Wisconsin. I was studying athletic training and providing a lot of event coverage at the school as well as doing outside events. I had received regular chiropractic care since middle school, but was nervous to see a different chiropractor when I was away at school. At one point during my junior year, I slipped on ice and realized that I needed to see a chiropractor sooner than when I made my next trip home. The very next week, a local chiropractor came to speak to our athletic training class to talk about how chiropractic would complement the work that we did in athletic training. I decided that I would visit him in his office for care. Little did I know, that the work that he did with me, would be the beginning of molding me into a chiropractor myself.

Every time that I would come in for an adjustment, Dr. Werner would talk with me about the spine and using the knowledge that I had gained from athletic training, I would "guess" what levels he was adjusting on me. It was during this time that he told me that he thought that I would make a good chiropractor. "ME!? A chiropractor?! No way…he's crazy," I thought at first. But the longer I thought about it, over the course of the next year, I began to realize that this was something that I really did believe in and I knew that I would find much joy and satisfaction in helping people this way. Dr. Werner had such a positive influence on my career path, that I did my chiropractic internship with him during my last term at Palmer.

I have dealt with lower back pain for as long as I can remember due to orthopedic problems that arose due to me being born prematurely. While attending college, I developed migraines as well. Chiropractic has given me a new lease on life and allowed me to function with little to no back pain on a daily basis as well as control my migraines when I have regular adjustments. I enjoy being a chiropractor and hearing stories just like mine every day.

While I enjoy seeing all groups of people from all walks of life, the populations of people that I most enjoy seeing are children, pregnant moms, and young families. Chiropractic allows children, to get the best start possible in life. Chiropractic during pregnancy can help the mom-to-be feel better and give the mom an easier and quicker labor and delivery, which ultimately gives the baby a better start in life even before they are born. Many conditions that children deal with (ear infections, common colds, behavior issues, just to name a few) can be treated exceptionally well with chiropractic care. Since having my own 2 children, it's been more apparent to me how beneficial chiropractic care is for them and that is what has helped to shape this population of people into one of the most rewarding to me. I also enjoy seeing older patients and have seen first-hand how regular chiropractic care can improve the quality of life of the elderly population. I practice a variety of manual adjusting techniques as well as using instrument-assisted techniques.

In my spare time, I love spending "family time" with my two young sons. I also love cooking, baking, walking, bike riding, and reading.


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