How Frequently Should Cedar Rapids IA Residents See Their Chiropractor?

How Frequently Should Cedar Rapids IA Residents See Their Chiropractor?

How Frequently Should Cedar Rapids IA Residents See Their Chiropractor?

When Should I Come Back To My Cedar Rapids IA Chiropractor?

This is without a doubt the most common question asked in my office. The patient is concerned with their health and wants to try and remain healthy. The problem is: this is maybe the most difficult question to answer. Each patient's needs are different. You then throw in life is busy, we're all running around like crazy & the fact that it costs money. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about your next appointment with your Cedar Rapids IA chiropractor.

1) You probably don't need to be seen 3 times a month for 6 months.

It never ceases to amaze me how many new patients come into my office saying they were just at another office and they were adjusted a bizillion times. Now don't get me wrong, I love being adjusted and try to do so on some sort of schedule but the average person walking down the street does not need to be seen 100 times. It pains me to think about how many people are over-adjusted. Let me just say that you won't be talked into a huge care plan at CRC.

2) Have you been in an accident or had an injury in?

This one is kind of a no-brainer. If we're treating you for a specific injury or accident you probably need to be seen fairly quickly again.

3) How "healthy" have you been lately?

This is something that a lot of patients don't think about when considering how often to be seen in our office. I have seen countless times the more healthy a person's overall lifestyle is, the less often they need our services. Some of the biggest factors are sleep (getting more than 8 hours), diet (low glycemic...something similar to a paleo or primal diet), vitamin D status & exercise.

4) What are your goals?

We ask this question routinely at the office. What one person wants from our office can be very different from the next. When it comes down to it, we are here to help you. Once we determine what your goal is then we can help recommend what type of frequency you need to be seen.

I hope that these are helpful for you all. I could probably spend another half hour typing what to do and not do. These are general guidelines for you to consider. If you have any questions you can stop in and see us, call the Integrated Medicine of Iowa office at (319) 395-9897.


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